Snow slickens area traveling

Snow slickens area traveling
Snow slickens area traveling. TONY REID H&R Staff Writer; 12 hrs ago; 0. 021516snowmain. Buy Now. TONY REID, HERALD & REVIEW. A leaf blower makes quick work of blasting away the snow out at Rock Springs Nature Center. Macon County …
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Passenger Testimony on Egged 402 Crash: The Driver Was Traveling Way Too Fast!
“It seemed like forever. Over 15 minutes passed and people were on the floor and the ambulances simply did not arrive. I am certain the bus is to blame. The truck was not moving. The driver in my opinion was flying, traveling way to fast. B”H the bus …
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17 Hacks For Traveling With Kids, So You Don't Grab A Parachute & Bail
Whether you're traveling with one child or as a family of six, keeping people other than yourself happy on a trip is no small undertaking. If you have ever traveled with kids, you know that someone is always hungry, needs to pee, or is constantly …
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Virginia traveling troupe presents '20000 Leagues'

Virginia traveling troupe presents '20000 Leagues'
WINONA — Theatre IV will present the play "20,000 Leagues under the Sea" at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at Page Theatre on the campus of Saint Mary's University. The play is a one-hour musical adaptation of Jules Verne's classic novel. Theatre IV is the touring …
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This Super Unique View of Traveling Looks Like an Awesome Video Game
Imagine a game like Grand Theft Auto but instead of committing crime and stealing cars and robbing people you're having harmless fun and partying and seeing Colombia. This short, There and Back: Colombia by Spencer Creigh & Michael Barth, is basically …
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Traveling Back through the archives: Feb. 13
75 Years Ago. Feb. 14, 1941. Walter E. Giewald, designer, released his plans for a stone “warming house” to be constructed at the south end of the Sturgeon Bay skating rink on Soukup Field. With only one-third passing their physical examinations, it …
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Australia Maintains Detention Policy For Boat-Traveling Refugees

Australia Maintains Detention Policy For Boat-Traveling Refugees
The Australian High Court has upheld the country's policy of sending asylum-seekers to remote offshore detention centers. Rachel Martin talks to Matt Siegel of Reuters in Australia about the decision. RACHEL MARTIN, HOST: Last year, millions of people …
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5 Lessons Learned to Truly Enjoy Traveling
Traveling is exciting and exhausting, exhilarating and stressful. Regardless if you're taking a weekend getaway versus an extended holiday, or if you're traveling on a budget versus a luxury vacation, stepping outside of your comfort bubble to a new …
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City firefighters set up 'traveling boot' displays at local businesses to

City firefighters set up 'traveling boot' displays at local businesses to
To help the MDA throughout the year, members have created several “traveling boot” displays. With approval from local businesses, these displays have been placed in various business locations throughout the city. The “traveling boot” will stay in one …
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Amount of hazardous materials traveling through Springfield increasing
You may be surprised at how many hazardous materials pass through our community on a daily basis. There are new numbers on the hazardous substances traveling our roads and rails. As the risks increase, emergency responders are preparing for the …
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10 Tips For Traveling With Kids: A Single Dad's Guide

10 Tips For Traveling With Kids: A Single Dad's Guide
I've learned a few tricks about traveling with kids along the way. We've flown to New York City, Kansas City, Tulsa, St Louis, and several other places. We've taken a train to Glacier National Park. I drove from Texas to Washington with Annie when she …
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The harsh reality of coming home after years of traveling the world
They were not interested to hear every detail of my traveling life but that's okay – my life is already public because of my blog. So I listened to their life updates mixed with things that have changed in TV, celebrities and of course, gossip – a part …
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Fundraising Begins for Traveling Tribute
It's this mindset that inspired her to begin the process of bringing a traveling replica of the Vietnam Wall to Bloomington. “I thought this would something good to bring to our community in Bloomington,” she explained. Crow had the perfect spot in the …

Bicyclist Traveling Against Traffic Struck by Car
ROMEOVILLE, IL — A man traveling against traffic on a bicycle was struck by a car Wednesday afternoon. Romeoville Police Commander John Ferdinardo said the man was traveling southbound on Route 53 at around 12:24 p.m., but was going against traffic …

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Oregon Police Arrest Man Who Said He Was Traveling to Wildlife Refuge to Help
On Monday, the Guardian reports, Oregon state police arrested a man who said he was on his way to the Malheur national wildlife refuge for driving under the influence of alcohol. Joseph Stetson, 54, was armed with a pellet gun and said he wanted to …
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Police arrest "traveling vagabond" for possession of marijuana
The Fayette County Sheriff's Office arrested 34-year old William Joseph Galloway for possession of marijuana Tuesday morning. According to authorities, Galloway was arrested after the car he was traveling in was pulled over for speeding just before 9 …
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Survey: Millennials Not Social Media Obsessed While Traveling
While 76 percent of survey participants said they chose destinations based on recommendations from friends, 36 said social media helped them select their next destination. Unsurprisingly, Facebook is the app most while traveling, followed by Instagram …
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The Cost of Traveling to the Super Bowl is About to Double
This Sunday, four teams will fight for their spot in Super Bowl 50. For the lucky fans who find themselves celebrating at the end of the day, listen up! Many of you will decide to join your team in California, and quickly rush to secure flights …
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12 Things Every Woman Should Do When Traveling Alone
I'd traveled alone on business before, but I'd never done a solo vacation. While I definitely prefer traveling with someone else, vacationing solo turned out to be kind of great. It's really nice to do what you want, when you want, with no one to check …

The 20 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make Traveling in Europe

The 20 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make Traveling in Europe
Big suitcases can be a big pain while traveling. (Photo: iStock). Cobblestones and giant suitcases don't get along. Just because you can check it on the plane, does not mean that it will comfortably roll down the aisle of a train or that you will want …
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US warns Americans about traveling to Mexico
“We recommend that you defer travel to the areas specifically identified in this travel warning and exercise extreme caution when traveling throughout the other areas for which advisories are in effect.” The State Department warning for Mexico was last …
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Japan's Foreign Ministry councils caution when traveling to Bali after fresh
The latest travel advisory came on the heels of reports that a local government office received an anonymous letter Monday, naming the island as the next target after last week's deadly terrorist attack in central Jakarta. That attack killed eight …
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GISH grad who dreamed of traveling the world makes it happen

GISH grad who dreamed of traveling the world makes it happen
When she was finished traveling at the end of 2011, she said, she got serious about her websites, especially her “San Francisco” site, which is her primary business today. That website can be found at, which bills itself as “An …
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250-Pound Piggy Named Ziggy Is Traveling the Country With His Owners
So they loaded their belongings into a motorhome and the trio now travels wherever they please. Ziggy, who only eats organic fruit and vegetables, is happy to meet anyone on their adventures. "He is the most handsome, beautiful soul you've ever seen in …
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Variable speed limit signs make traveling in Parleys Canyon safer, UHP says
PARLEYS CANYON — While the first of three expected storms passed through northern Utah on Friday, police went to work cracking down on drivers traveling too fast for conditions. Utah Highway Patrol troopers believe there are fewer drivers going too …

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How Traveling Makes You Sexy
Traveling has also made me notice how sexy certain qualities are in other people who travel, and most of the time it has nothing to do with looks. There are however, certain sexy physical perks that come along with traveling as well. Here's a few of …
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Traveling to the Heart of Antarctica
IN LATE NOVEMBER, the first commercial airliner touched down on an icy strip of Antarctica. It took a little while for the news to reach the rest of the world, which reacted with a mix of marvel and trepidation. A Boeing 757 with 62 business-class …
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UCF brothers traveling to all 50 states in tiny home
They surf, hike, rock climb and, starting this month, seek out hotel lobbies with free WiFi to blog about their travel adventures across the country in their self-built tiny home — an 82-square-foot sprinter van. In their travel blog, “The Bro'd Trip …
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Tuesday's turnpike pile-up: Trucks traveling side-by-side, snow squall led to
State police today released new details about the 16-vehicle crash that shut down the westbound lanes of the Pennsylvania Turnpike for four hours on Tuesday. Police say the crash happened when a commercial car carrier and a FedEx truck were driving …
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